Happy New Year!

I sincerely hope everyone has had a safe, healthy and delicious holiday season!

This has been a year of heart felt reflection and evaluation. I have had such pleasure witnessing the fun and camaraderie so many have shared here at The Culinary Loft.

For all who have crossed the threshold of The Culinary Loft's pear-adorned door, it has been my honor to have served you.

So, after 15 years, it is with mixed feelings that I am announcing that The Culinary Loft is closing its doors for our custom events. I am ready to explore other avenues and opportunities as I enter a new phase of my life.

To all our clients, thank you for allowing me the honor of this pleasure, because you trusted in us to fulfill your expectations, with specific requirements, enthusiasm and spirit, we strived to be excellent for you.

To all our devoted, talented and knowledgeable Chefs, Sous Chefs, our attentive and caring waiters and our supportive vendors, you made this place extraordinary and this experience all possible! We have been a great team!

Thank you all for allowing me to welcome you into The Culinary Loft!

Corinne Colen, Owner & Founder
The Culinary Loft

Culinary Loft